Financial Assessment

C4 Consulting’s behavioral healthcare financial improvement and assessment services include an analysis of opportunity for improvement, as well as a hard line-item assessment of financials. This may be used in preparation for a sale, audit, or simply refreshing your financial position. Elements often include scenarios related to:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Patient volume /Average Daily Census / Average Length of Stay
  • Patient access and throughput
  • Care and Support Staff Number, Skill Mix, and Function
  • Relationship with practitioners, compensation model and incentives
  • Payor mix
  • Revenue cycle performance & coding for professional and facility settings
  • Capital costs
  • Program model / specialty tracks / center of excellence
  • Business development, referral sources and alliances
  • Geographic location
  • State and federal funding changes

We are also able to provide “what if” scenarios for startups, expansions, and existing programs. This includes pro forma financial templates and detailed forecasting for emerging opportunities. C4 Consulting identifies revenue and expense assumptions, breakeven point, and collaboratively validate “low”, “high”, and “mid-point” opportunities.

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