Web Development

Your organization’s web presence is often the first impression a prospective client has of your organization. Is your website well-organized, informative and user friendly? As the most critical component for both search-driven and referral-driven results, you can’t afford for it to be otherwise. Without the right online presence, your business is not going to grow the way you planned or need it to in order to thrive.

Complexities of Websites for Healthcare

Designing a website for a behavioral health facility or addiction treatment center is different from website development for other industries. The sensitive nature of this field and the regulations governing patient privacy require care and the highest ethical standards, as you put forth information about your industry in general and your business specifically. At the same time you are marketing your services to prospective patients, you have the burden of countering the stigmatization of addiction and mental health disorders to the general public.

Additionally, you are in a market with hundreds of thousands of other facilities marketing similar services to your own. How do you stand out from the crowd? Whatever your focal points in treatment or methodologies might be, those need to be highlighted on your website and any other marketing material you distribute. Your unique selling proposition (or USP) gives prospective clients and patients the information they need to make the best selection for their specific needs.

Creating an Online Presence

While your website is a critical marketing tool for your business, you cannot stop there when building your online presence. A single parent site is not efficient or even viable in today’s competitive marketplace; instead, a strong social media presence is also essential to engage prospective patients with your center on a more personal level and drive them to your website. Blogs and regular social media posts keep interest in your business going strong and contribute to building a vital online presence over the long term.

Mobility is another essential for all types of industries, including behavioral health and addiction treatment. More than half of all digital traffic now comes from mobile traffic, so making your website and other points of contact mobile-friendly is a must for keeping up with today’s competition. Websites that don’t adapt well to this trend not only lose mobile traffic, they also fall in search rankings, making them more difficult for your prospects to find.

Professional Website Services

C4 Consulting understands what potential clients looking for behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment services are seeking, and we can deliver on those expectations. We know how to present the information that creates the intake opportunity, and your team’s chance to be of service to the clients in your own community and beyond. C4 Consulting will work to deliver an exclusive and comprehensive website and internet presence that specializes in your industry niche, creating a laser focus on your target market. To learn more about our website development services, contact C4 Consulting today at 866.329.7170!