Operational Consulting

Launching your addiction treatment center or behavioral health facility is just the beginning. Once your doors are open, the operation of your business will become a primary focus. With many different components involved, including keeping current with state and federal regulations, the daily running of your center will be complex to say the least. C4 Consulting is ready to provide the support you need through our operational consulting services, designed to assist with every aspect of your daily processes.

Services Offered

We provide operations assessments of behavioral health and psychiatric and substance abuse treatment services related to all aspects of your business. Specific areas of focus include:

Process Improvement

With the goal of improving outcomes through measurable indicators, we help organizations develop methods of data collection to assess current processes. These might include client surveys and utilization reviews that provide valuable feedback concerning areas in need of improvement. Regular assessments can help you keep up to date on innovations and other efficiencies that can help your organization become more productive, profitable, and better equipped to meet the needs of your patients at all times.

HR Recruitment and Training

Your business will only be as good as the team you hire, which puts plenty of pressure on those in charge of human resources recruitment and training. C4 Consulting offers assistance in this area as well, identifying and providing any change necessary to put your business at the front of the pack. Our goal in our HR consulting support is to advance productivity, efficiency, and employee morale.

Call Center Training

Your call center is responsible for closing the deal, so they need to be well-trained to work effectively with prospective clients in order to increase your sales and revenue. We offer call center training customized to your specific business, educating them on how to handle intake calls in a way that accurately represents your commitment to patient care.

Clinical Content

Our extensive knowledge and experience in health care and human services allows us to work with you to implement the right clinical programs for your organization. We can also provide the evaluation processes necessary to determine whether those programs are providing the expected outcomes, giving you peace of mind in knowing the treatment programs you employ are benefiting your patients.

Implementation and Assessment

Successful operations are all about administering the right programs and using the proper assessments to determine their effectiveness and worth. Our success in transforming organizations comes from connecting operations to real world business requirements, and providing the client with unique tools to measure and improve performance. We are ready to help your organization stand out from the rest with our proven clinical acumen – benefiting your patients both during treatment and beyond.

C4 Consulting offers a wide range of services for psychiatric and addiction treatment organizations. To learn more about your options for operational consulting with C4 Consulting, contact our office today at 866.329.7170!

Our success with transforming organizations comes from connecting operations to real world business requirements and providing the client with unique tools to measure and follow performance.