Startup Planning

C4 Consulting is one of the nation’s leading experts in the planning, development, and expansion of behavioral healthcare and addictions treatment programs. This will include a bottoms-up analysis of needs, to define applicable requirements. We also utilize a top-down industry approach to present a realistic expectation of the project scope. The processes are then joined for an unbiased approach that will best suit the client toward the development and planning of the program.

Our team members have built and worked with many startups, and we understand common mistakes that will sink any startup or expansion. With proven success in fundraising (our team members have brought in over $50M), we understand what it takes to get funded or develop representative plans. C4 Consulting will also develop operating principles, policy and procedure manuals for new or expanding operations. This includes the development of:

Operational and cost projections are calculated based on years of hands-on experience with capital costs, operation’s metrics, and profitability factors. C4 Consulting delivers the knowledge, efficiency, and the integrity you deserve when seeking financing or assistance. We understand your business and share your passion of achieving business objectives and profitability

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