Business Planning

C4 Consulting is dedicated to making the most of your business planning needs. We specialize in professional investable business plans. Business plans are required for bank loans, investors, grants, venture capitalists, and even leasing office spaces. We have composed, funded, and received funding for numerous business and financial plans.

Our team members have created and worked with many startups, and we understand common mistakes that will sink any startup or expansion. With proven success in fundraising (our team members have brought in over $50M), we understand what it takes to get funded or develop representative plans. We can help to identify problems and issues with your firm before speaking with investors, helping you be as prepared as possible and improving your chances at receiving funding.

Let our experience assist you, we will help you refine your business model, identify your most profitable customers, fine-tune your marketing plan, and improve your sales projections. We provide an objective view, so your final business plan makes a statement that projects confidence and attracts investors. We will evaluate and deliver the following components:

  • Industry Overview
  • Market Opportunity
  • Customers
  • Competition
  • Service Lines
  • Business Model
  • Marketing & Sales Plan
  • Operations
  • Management & Staff
  • Investment Opportunity and Exit Strategy
  • Financial Projections
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Supplementary Materials