Market Analysis

C4 Consulting market sizing and feasibility solutions will support your company in determining a successful market growth or entry strategy. Key components of the market analysis include, macro-environmental factors, competitor benchmarking, prevalence estimates, treatment cost estimates, penetration rates, service delivery system evaluation, policy recommendation, and key informant input (external/internal).

Our service measures the total addressable market (historic and forecasted), assesses the marketability and competitiveness of your service line (top-down and bottoms-up), establishes feasible targets and quantifies future returns on investment. C4 Consulting’s approach to market sizing encompasses both supply and demand-side methods, while leveraging on secondary data and expert opinions. Deliverables often include:

  • Industry Revenue Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis (National and Local)
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Historical Industry Trends
  • Primary/Secondary Data Analysis
  • Data Analyses (fiscal, utilization and clinical)
  • Key Informant Surveys (internal/external)
  • Service Delivery System Evaluation (SWOT Analysis)
  • Client Focus Groups

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