Mergers & Acquisitions

C4 Consultinghas been involved in numerous acquisitions and mergers, directly and indirectly, engineered financing strategies tailored to each deal. With an excellent and conservative approach, our team is able to assist clients in finding the right sources to acquire, divest, or expand. C4 Consulting can provide buyers and sellers with comprehensive action plans for any transaction, and can personally guide you through each step of the process.

C4 Consulting has significant experience with small and independent businesses and understands unique small business concerns. We provide technical and professional assistance to owners seeking options, serving as an ‘honest broker’ in the representation of client interests.

We assist business owners by:

  • Managing the continuum of the sale process
  • Provide the most comprehensive valuation available
  • Presenting your business in the best position
  • Recognize key transitional items and strategize outcomes
  • Educate clients on the dynamics of a merger or sale to mitigate potential obstacles
  • Negotiations and on-site transaction management
  • Obtain the absolute highest value for the sale of your firm by working with carefully selected and approved buyers

Regardless of the exit strategy you choose, careful planning now will reap benefits for you down the road. The process of sale requires careful attention to detail. This often includes deal structure, non-competes, employment agreements, guarantees, and escrow. C4 Consulting will pay close attention to every aspect of your deal, from the letter of intent, to due diligence, to the purchase agreement, and ultimately closing.

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