Non-profit organizations interested in impacting the addiction treatment industry may be at a loss as to where to start the process. Some groups may already be organized but unsure how to move forward. Others may have yet to formally organize into a workable entity that can provide the services they are looking to offer. For both of these situations, C4 Consulting can help get nonprofits off on the right track so they can make the positive impact they are hoping for.

Steps to a Nonprofit

The establishment of a nonprofit involves a number of complex steps:

Diligent Research

Your nonprofit is much more likely to be successful and sustainable if you put in the hours researching your project before launching your organization. Begin with a solid objective for the business as well as identification of those you want to reach. Conduct a needs analysis to see if there is a place for your future nonprofit and determine whether you will have the resources necessary to put your plan into action.

Creation of a Foundation

When you are ready to move forward, the next step is to create a mission statement and a solid business plan, which will be used for your application for tax-exempt status as well as your future fundraising efforts. This is also the time to appoint of board of directors that will oversee your organization’s activity to ensure you meet your objectives.

The Incorporation Process

Incorporating your organization is generally the next step, which requires selecting a name for your nonprofit, drafting bylaws and filing the Articles of Incorporation. This must all be performed in accordance with the laws of the state in which your organization will be headquartered. It is essential for giving your organization the credibility necessary to attract donors and encourage the public to use the services you are offering.

Tax-Exempt Status

Application for tax-exempt status is made with the IRS and it is a complex process with a significant amount of paperwork involved. It can also take a significant amount of time, 3-12 months in some cases, depending on how many questions the IRS has about your application. By using a professional consultation company like C4 Consulting, you may see the process shortened somewhat as many of those questions may be anticipated and answered before the application arrives at the IRS.

Fundraising Success

Your fundraising efforts will likely involve both grant applications and solicitations from individual donors. The sustainability of your organization will be directly linked to your success in this area. However, it is just as essential to create a sustainable business model that does not rely too heavily on donors or jeopardizing your ongoing operations.

This seemingly short list of steps to establishing a nonprofit is realistically wrought with potential snares from a variety of angles. Engaging the services of a professional team like C4 Consulting can make all the difference in how quickly and efficiently your organization can be established. We will work with you on all the key components in the process, including pursuit of tax-exemption, soliciting donors and creating a sustainable business plan and model.

Don’t let a complex process derail your dreams of giving back to the public. Our staff has the experience and knowledge you need to launch your nonprofit efficiently and successfully. To learn more, contact C4 Consulting at 866.329.7170!