Organizational Restructuring

Change management most commonly deals with aligning the organization’s methods, processes, procedures and systems along with the culture to create an adaptable, fluid, efficient and effective operation. Through executive coaching, training and consulting we help leaders create a unique and personalized change management plan to assist mergers, unite programs, or transform organizations.

C4 Consulting will assess organizational structure, fiscal performance, operational performance, program efficiencies, and support functions. The analysis includes planning/upgrade recommendations to enhance the organization’s operational and strategic performance. This is also used to provide useful and understandable information for the organization’s management and leadership groups.

C4 Consulting has provided change management and organizational consulting to a variety of businesses and not-for-profit agencies. The dynamics prompting the need for change management services have varied, but generally include:

  • Shifting market conditions
  • High staff turnover
  • Stagnant or limited revenue sources

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